Improved slot bonus products and systems help casinos to win more slot game players.


The development of slot machines has brought us to a point where bonuses are no longer just a nice little extra, an added attraction. Events, animations and sound effects that did not exist less than two decades ago have become an integral part of why people play the games.

“Bonuses are the reason why players play the game,” said Bally Director of Game Development Ian Arrowsmith. It’s about the chase, you sit down and you aim to get those free games, and when you get them, it’s great fun. “

Dan Schrementi, Vice President, Gaming Marketing and New Media at Incredible Technologies, compared slot machines to movie going.

“The slot experience is an entertainment experience, so the mentality of a player is no different from that of a moviegoer,” he said. “Bonusing is playing, which is an action scene for a movie – it’s this moment when the plot jumps from dialogue to excitement.”

Whether through free spins, pick’em bonuses, wheel spins, mystery prizes, or any other format, bonuses are counted to deliver the entertainment experience and keep the players sitting. This includes not just events within each game, but networked experiences that expand players’ reward programs.

Bonus Overview

At International Game Technology (IGT), the network experience includes a number of bonuses that are provided through the service window and that allow operators to configure them to appear on connected computers.

“Our focus is primarily on our bonus applications, which we call our Intelligent Bonusing Suite,” says Andy Fisher, IGT Product Manager.

New suite applications include Random Riches, which awards bonuses when the player reaches a revenue threshold, and Team Challenge, a community-based application. Qualified players are divided into teams and play a game on the player tracking surface of their machines to collect their rewards.

Fisher said that both products focus on the intelligence piece and are aimed at the players and segments that operators want to reach through the extras. Player segments, target thresholds, awards, and the selection of games offered are user configurable. “If you look at a bonus award or an offer, there are some kind of three pieces,” he said. “There is your qualification piece, which has to do with the marketing perspective, which players you want to target for a bonus, the second part is the award, what do you give the player, we have developed intelligence for this piece, where you deduct different amounts for Players can give their status based on their player value.

“The third piece that brings everything together is providing the bonus of how to communicate with the player and for that we have built up a lot of intelligence, the delivery really gives the player a sense in regards to this award, we can use the award as a game and the player can interact with him in the service window, and that creates excitement and excitement, especially if you pair that with the randomization of the award. “

Rich Media

Aristocrat Technologies also offers targeted bonuses through its Speed Solutions brand. A recent addition is nRich, which gives players bonus goals based on their average daily theoretical. What the player sees is a thermometer, and if you take the thermometer up, you trigger a bonus game that can be played in the Aristocrat Media Window or on the Player Tracking LCD. For the bonus event, a variety of interfaces are available, such. A scratch-and-win experience or a claw game.

“In essence, nRich is a bonus engine that has been proven to increase a player’s individual ADT,” said Kelly Shaw, vice president of systems sales and marketing at Aristocrat. “It’s unique in the way it uses a player’s past performance and gives them realistic goals to reach them, it’s kind of a cool experience, you’re in the game, and you either have it through the media window As you play the game, you get graphics that warn you that hey, you’re about to hit a target. “

“The visual graphics are displayed in the media window, which warn you if you play just a little longer, you have a different goal that you can achieve, and after you have achieved that goal, we will trigger a little more, and each time If you’re pushing for that extra goal, that extra bonus will pay that extra payout, “Shaw added.

Galaxy of Choice

The Galaxis Bonus System offers a bonus portfolio tailored to the needs of each casino. With options such as points bonus and jackpot bonus modules can be flexibly combined. By adopting the Gaming Standards Association’s open Game To System protocols, Spielo modules can be implemented independently of slot machine types, brands, and labels. They can be applied to a single machine, a bank of machines or over the entire play floor and can even be connected to the table pit.

“Our latest bonus options are TimeBomb FEVER and OnTarget FEVER,” says Fivos Polymniou, Spielo’s International Sales Manager. “TimeBomb FEVER is the newest bonus feature on the market that allows the casino operator to guarantee that a jackpot will reach within a given time.” Designed to boost low-activity periods in the casino, it’s like a time bomb ‘- the casino operator configures the period and the number of times the jackpot cracks. “

“OnTarget FEVER reserves a jackpot for a specific player segment,” added Polymniou. It can also be programmed for a pre-defined time Designed to enhance the casino’s targeted player marketing programs, it can address any of the casino’s selectable criteria, such as a women’s jackpot for Ladies Night loyalty club members with more than one year term or new loyalty club members. “

Away from the networks and the individual games, bonus events are both an outlet for the creativity of game designers and a prime incentive for players to stay in their seats. For Spielo, which also includes skill-based Bonusinn in Zuma, which was brought to the casino under a license with PopCap Games from the casual games world.

U Do It

At Bally Technologies, where the U-Spin feature for touch screen wheel rotation has been a great success, the ability to extend the reach of the technology has become a high priority.

This includes nascar in racing with three bonus features. The pit stop bonus is a pick’em where the player selects auto parts. Burnout Free Games is a U-spin feature, with the wheel in the form of a tire. And then there’s the game’s main event, an interactive 3-D feature called U-Race, where the player can guide his driver on the track.

“One of the great things about this game is that you pick your driver,” Arrowsmith said. So everyone has their own favorite rider, so when you sit down, you get your driver, you get a little organic from him, and he talks to you, so it’s great fun right from the start. “

Hot Shot Progressives also uses U-Spin with two giant wheels on which players can win free spins, multipliers or bonus rewards. Cash Wizard Tiki Magic is a continuation of the popular Cash Wizard, which uses a U-Drag format during the Magic Bonus, allowing players to touch and draw various ingredients for their potion to win prizes.

Among the games for sale, Arrowsmith pointed out the bonuses associated with two games he worked on, Hand of the Devil and Visitors of Planet Z.

“They have simple free play bonuses that you would expect every game,” he said, “but we’re trying to add another twist – in Hand of the Devil, the devil talks to you, and it’s a Lucky Wild free spin, so if you are if you get lucky five times, you’re in some really big wins. “

User Interactions Improves User Experience

Incredible Technologies, which has been adding a creative spin on slot games since entering the market in 2008, is entering its license-themed route for the first time with its recently released Archie in Riverdale Riches.

“From the outset, our primary goal was to enable the comics theme to the players and do so in a comfortable context,” said Schrementi. “The game contains stacked character symbols from Archie and his buddies, and the bonus features are common, but have a deep variability that allows players to experience something new every time they play, including triggering game-in-a-game bonuses. The experience is contested by the duration of each bonus experience through the interaction. “

Schrementi said IT is working hard to innovate in an environment where players expect to see free spins and pick ’em games. The most important tool, he said, is the interaction of the casino bonus works. “From the scratching of the record in King of Bling to the speedy capture of money in Crazy Money, player interaction can transform a standard selection into an immersive experience,” he said.

MoneyBall Bonus Feature

Multimedia games bring interactivity to players through its MoneyBall Bonus feature, where players try to direct their MoneyBall start from the top of the screen.

“Players feel they have control over the bonus with this feature because they can shoot their shot at Screen Prices,” said Brad Johnson, vice president of product management for Multimedia Games. “As for the variety of bonus topics, once a player has played a theme, the next time he or she enters the MoneyBall bonus, the game picks another theme that they can experience.”

The goal with every approach for bonus is the same no matter what the manufacturer.

“The attraction of bonuses is entertainment, pure and simple,” said Johnson. “We want to provide a lot of entertainment so the player stays in the game long enough to win a substantial bonus prize, which will hopefully make them repeat customers and spread the word to their friends about this cool bonus they’ve just won.” Check out Welcome Bonuses Offer Free Spins to Players here.