Casino Bonus

So what is a casino bonus?

Put simply, this is an offer that is presented to casino customers by the house to give them a little more. Casino bonuses can also take the form of a deposit bonus in cash or in credits, free spins on slots, and many other things and many other things. Websites may offer a casino sign-up bonus as part of what is basically a welcome pack or offer to bring you to gambling, or sometimes for existing customers as a loyalty program or ongoing promotion.

The casino welcome bonus is the most common offer in the market, usually in the form of giving new players a 100% deposit match, ie if your first deposit is € 100 then the firm will match that amount and then set betting limits to To ensure that you can not join, claim the offer and then simply withdraw your cash.

How to Claim Your Bonus?

Claiming bonuses in all fairness is made easy by online casinos, even though you pay attention to the websites you need to “opt-in”. Not every casino bonus is automatic, so be sure to sign up to first check out and click through all of the “Promotions” pages listed on the site and / or enter the appropriate promo code before registering to lock.

Claiming a Casino Signup Bonus

Claiming a sign-up bonus is easy – in fact, it’s just made easy, as every casino worth its salt wants you to come and play. To make things even easier, we have provided a simple 4-step guide to getting a good casino sign up bonus:

  • Do Your Research – Casinos all offer very different signup bonuses including 50%, 100% or 200% matched deposits up to different amounts. You can also offer free spins that will suit you if you are a slots player. Also, outward looking deals may differ in terms of wagering requirements, so always check what the market offers before you commit.
  • Check a promo code – not all sign-up bonuses are automatically meaning when registering slot bonus, you may be asked to enter the appropriate promo code and you only have one chance to get this right!
  • Make Your Deposit Count – Since most sign-up offers require you to make a real cash deposit, you want to make the most of your money. Do not pay any more than you can afford, but at the same time registering with € 20 means that everything you can get from the casino, just make sure that you are only willing to go when you get one decent amount.
  • Read the T & C’s – there are not too many Gremlins in it, but there will be deadlines in addition to the sales requirement. For example, you may only have one week to use up your bonus money, so do not let it sit in your account too long, as you may lose the benefit.

Claiming a Casino Deposit Bonus

The steps are similar to those mentioned above, although on this occasion you should take advantage of the fact that you can register without having to undertake anything and try the products before you go for your bonus. The deposit bonus is given either on your first deposit or, in some cases, on further deposits on the line.

  • Stay patient – the benefit of a deposit bonus over a sign-up bonus is that you do not have to commit immediately. Look around the site, get used to it, and when the time is right for you. For example, if you have more money to play, or if a jackpot is big, then deposit your money and claim your bonus.
  • Check a promo code – again, not all deposit bonuses are automatic, so you may need to re-enter the appropriate promo code before the bonus can be claimed.
  • High probability games – although terms are attached, you will somehow get some free money, so try to make the most of it by playing a game that has a high win percentage to get you started quickly to see a return.
  • Read the T & C’s – the terms of payment and deadlines will also apply to this deposit, so be aware of it before you take advantage.